Graham - Builder

Rotator Cuff Injury

I had limited movement and pain in my shoulder for many years.  I had keyhole surgery on one shoulder which took a long time to heal.  I decided not to have surgery on the other shoulder and had tried numerous things  including Hydro cortisone injections and different exercises.  Nothing helped, so thought I would try  Bowen therapy.  After just 5 sessions with Karen, I had full range of movement and the pain had gone.  It allowed me to go back to the gym, which I feel helped to speed up the improvement as was able to work the smaller muscles.  Karen explained everything so well and gave me some exercises to do every day in the times between Bowen sessions.  I can now say that the shoulder I have not had surgery on is as good as the other one.

Nicky - Bowen Therapist

Shoulder Pain

I have received Bowen from Karen for shoulder pain which was stopping me from everyday tasks. After two sessions it completely cleared up and I am pain free. Highly recommend Karen

Wendy - Hospital Ward Sister


Karen is really dedicated to helping others. Karen's hands on approach to implementing change in the body and her dedication to this shines through . I really appreciated your treatment and will be back for more many thanks Wendy xx

Clare - MD Health and Social Care Consultancy

Knee Pain

Im new to bowen and karen is extremely knowledgeable and takes time to explain anything i have asked. I loved my first session and cant wait for my next.

Ella - Retail Assistant

Allergies and Stress

I saw Karen for my cat allergies and specific anxiety. After just four sessions I could be around cats happily without any of my normal symptoms. I also felt much calmer and happier with my anxiety connected to a robbery we had in our home. It was such a lovely experience, especially as Karen makes you feel very comfortable, I will definitely be having more Bowen therapy in the future as I enjoyed the relaxation so much as well as all the benefits it can provide! Couldn't recommend higher!

Caroline - Community Fundraiser

Back Pain

Bowen treatment is a very different approach to pain. Karen was calm, gentle and very assuring and just after a couple of sessions I felt different - my muscles felt less stressed and the pain had gone in some areas altogether. Highly recommend Karen.

Sam - Mental Health Recovery Worker

Shoulder Pain

Having tried other Therapy routes (Chiropractic and Acupuncture) for a serious and recurring shoulder pain. I was very luckily able to have a set of sessions and a consultation with Karen, who was absolutely fantastic, despite my skepticism.. We always managed to have a bit of a laugh, however I found her to be completely professional throughout and very attentive especially during the actual physical Bowen therapy. 
I am now 2 weeks later and keeping up a few exercises and stretches and working my way back to lifting some weight which I have not been able to achieve in several years.

I also believe this has benefited other areas of my life that I had not recognized any issues in previously. With colleagues having stated that I seem more relaxed and much calmer now following our sessions! (Massive bonus because now I think I did get a bit stressy before my Bowen and that sucked the joy out of work). I also infact found my sessions to be the most relaxing and pleasant day of my week 3/3.

I would thoroughly recommend to anyone suffering any physical or emotional (mental health) concern also! Even if your just reading this and your skeptical still, I wouldn't blame you, but you really have nothing to loose and if you don't try it you just wont know!

Finally thank you so much Karen for all you did for me, your a real wizard! 🧙‍♂️

Leonie - Care Worker

Shoulder Pain

I contacted Karen due to having poor movement in my left shoulder due to lifting heavy items while at work. I was made to feel extremely welcome in a calm and comfortable setting. After just three sessions I do now not suffer any pain at all in my shoulder or arm, and I am now able to move much more freely without constantly being in pain. Thank you so much for your help! Highly recommended.

Luke - Personal Trainer

Neck Pain

I went to Karen over at West Sussex Bowen not really knowing what to expect. I had a real issue with neck pain and was unable to turn my head more than about 30 degrees in either direction. A good friend suggested I try Bowen. I found West Sussex Bowen and I'm so glad I did because the mobility in my neck improved after just one session and after three I was able to look over my shoulder. Before I went I knew nothing about Bowen, I told Karen this and she explained everything very clearly to me before my first session so I knew exactly what to expect. Thank you Karen! I can't even begin to explain how you have improved my life

Zoe - Mental Health Recovery Worker


Enjoyed all my sessions, very relaxing and interesting.  The outcomes of my problem areas were successful. Thank you Karen

Kate - Bowen Therapist

General aches and pains

Karen is very attentive and put me at ease straight way. Very professional and passionate about Bowen Therapy, her sense of humour adds to the magic that is Bowen. Free from pain.

Jack - Factory Worker


I have suffered with hayfever for years, and have struggled to go out and do outdoors activities for years in the summer months. I have had 4 sessions with Karen now, and have just been to an outdoor wedding for the weekend with no symptoms!

Mike - Peer Support Worker

Knee Pain

I had never heard of Bowen Therapy before meeting Karen.  Karen gave me three sessions mainly focussing around the knee pain that I experience following walking long distances and the propensity for me knees to occasionally feel like they are giving way.  Having been around conventional medicine all my life (working in it and being a patient) and having a bit of a sceptical view of alternative medicine, I was a bit suspicious but decided to take an open minded approach.  Karen was extremely professional throughout the three sessions and treated me with the utmost care and respect and listened to my history and hopes for treatment outcomes. Her practice at her home is clean and comfortable and a relaxing professional environment.


With regard to the treatment itself, I am certain that it does have an effect on the body, I could feel it. With over 30 years’ experience of meditation and teaching Introductory courses in Mindfulness I am very good at going into a deep state of relaxation but after the Bowen Therapy I was even more relaxed than normal. I would consider it money well spent if only for the deep relaxed state you end up in.


However with regard to the specific area Karen was working, on my knees I do think that they have improved and last week I was able to spend 6-8 hours on my feet and also walking long distances for the D Day celebrations in Portsmouth and yes my knees hurt still but they were not as bad as they might have been and the recovery afterwards seemed quicker.


I think that if I had known about Bowen and Karen 25 years ago when my knee problems first started I probably would have been able to reduce the impact / damage and heal more successfully.


If you are thinking about trying Bowen then I would encourage you to go ahead and I have no hesitation in recommending Karen and West Sussex Bowen to you.