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7 tips to prevent back pain when gardening

With the lovely sunny weather that we’re having, it’s great to get out into the garden and reap what you’ve sewn.

I recently went to my sisters for the weekend and spent half an hour picking and abundance of blackcurrants from her garden. It was amazing to benefit from all this fresh fruit without having to do the hard work leading up to the harvest. I probably didn’t appreciate the time that her husband had spent preparing the ground prior to planting. There must have been an awful amount of digging, getting the soil ready for planting crops. Weeding, watering, and making the netting to prevent the birds form eating all the fruit.

Brilliant for me, as I just came along and picked it when it was ready. My sister even made me a pot of blackcurrant jam to take home.

But all that gardening can take a toll on your back. Digging, bending down to weed. Even picking involves getting low to get the things on the low branches and in the ground.

There are of course ways that you can help prevent back injuries when doing all this hard work.

  • Bend your knees!

  • Warm up before you start – an athlete wouldn’t dream of exercising without warming up first.

  • Avoid twisting while carrying weight – this was how I managed to put my back out in the past – twisting whilst mucking out the stables!!

  • Take regular breaks – don’t try to do too much at one time. Take your flask with you – this is a good excuse to have plenty of tea breaks

  • Don’t strain yourself by carrying heavy loads

  • Get some friends involved. They will benefit from being outdoors too. Remember that old saying “Many hands make light work”

  • Most of all – ENJOY!

And if you have overdone it and hurt your back, give me a call and Book a Bowen session. Or choose your appointment by booking online.

Happy Gardening!

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